Baseus Wireless Hands Free bluetooth 5.0 Car AUX Music Receiver Adapter Interface 10-Hour Duration
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      ●Bluetooth 5.0 delivers greater efficiency, and safe navigation is latency-free.
      ●One-click hands-free call free at ease ever after.
      ●Avoids the danger of one-handed driving and phone answering with one hand.
      ●Lossless sound quality CD-grade experience.
      ●High resolution restores lossless sound quality bringing you with CD-grade music experience.
      ●Turn wired to wireless more convenient for enjoying music.
      ●Wired speakers are turned into Bluetooth speakers breaking free from.
      ●As light as 12.3g, headphones are also supported.
      ●Wired earphone can also be turned into Bluetooth earphones, which are simpler without wires and the weight can be ignore when you wear the earphone of 12.3g.
      ●One full charge lasts for 10 hours: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, one full charge lasts for 10 hours. It can be used while charging when the power is low, convenient and economical.
      ●10-M transmission distance enjoy freedom as you desired: no disconnection in 10-meter long distance, you can even enjoy music at the corner, and enjoy freedom as you wish.
      ●Operate simply and connected automatically for the second time: turn on the Bluetooth of mobile phone to search for the device name [BSBA-02] and click on the connection. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, the blue indicator light will be solid on and the mobile phone can be connected automatically in the future.





       DC 5V

      Battery capacity


      Bluetooth version


      Bluetooth frequency


      Frequency response


      Charging port

       supports Micro DC 5V/100mA Lnput voltage

      Output interface

       3.5mm stereo plug

      Music playback duration

       ≦10 hours

      USB cable length


      MIC sensitivity

       -42 db

      SNR (Signal to noise ratio)

       75 db

      For AUX interface:
      ▲ Widely compatible, plug and play
      Widely compatible, it is ready to use as long as there is AUX input interface of audio equipment.
      ▲ Bluetooth 5.0, efficient transmission
      Bluetooth 5.0 delivers greater efficiency, hands-free calls are clearer and secure navigation is latency-free.
      ▲ Highly restored music
      High resolution restores lossless sound quality, bringing CD-level music experience.
      ▲ 10m long distance transmission
      No disconnection in 10-meter long distance wireless connection witj speaker, enjoy freedom as you wish.
      ▲ 10 hours of continuous use
      It can be used continuously for 10 hours after one full charged can be used while being charged when it is in low power, which is convenient and worry-free. 
      Package included:

      1 X

       Data cable

      1 X

       Instruction book

      1 X

       Bluetooth adapter

      1 X

       charging adapter