1 Pair Rechargeable Hearing Aids Hearing Amplifier Noise Reduction Cancellation
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    • Condition:Brand New (with packaging)
    • Description:
      Package Included:
      2 x Hearing Aid
      4 x Earplugs
      1 x Cleaning Brush
      1 x Charging Box
      1 x USB Cable

      Color:  Black / White
      (Charging Box) Charging Time: 90min
      (Hearing Aid) Charging Time: 2 hours (Rechargeable 3~4 Time)
      Working Time: 12 H
      Operating  Voltage: 3.7V
      Self Charging Voltage: 5V
      Hearing Aid Charging Voltage: 4.2V
      Working Current: ≤70MA
      Total harmonic distortion:  ≤7%
      Frequency Range: 400-4500Hz
      Earphone Size: About 2.5x3cm/0.98x1.18in
      Charging Box Size: About 6x4x2cm/2.36x1.57x0.78in

      - Hearing aid sound amplifier
      - Magnetic contact for recharge.
      - Super mini size and light weight, not easily to be seen.
      - Big button and obvious indicator light.
      - Different size ear tips for different ear size.
      - Wireless earbuds with amplifying sound function, which can be used for hearing impairment.