3D Electric Cervical Neck Massager Infrared Heating Body Relax Pain Relief Device
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    • Condition:Brand New (with packaging)
    • Description:
      Name: Electric Cervical Neck Massager Mobile Therapy Massager
      Type: A: Battery type, B: Rechargeable type, C: Heating Pulse type
      Color: White
      Material: ABS
      Dimension: 14x16x5cm / 5.5x6.3x2"
      Power supply: USB or 2xAAA battery (NOT included)

      - 3D floating electrode pads, which fits smoothly according to the characteristics of the neck of the human body.
      - With low-frequency pulse, magnetic effect and ring traction, for trinity synchronous massage.
      - 6 Modes and 9 Adjustable Intensity.
      * Heating edition: the comfort of the hot compress is further enhanced.
      - Ergonomic design fits the neck curve for comfortable wearing.
      - Adopted ergonomic U shape design, is in accordance with the streamline and ring-type design of human neck cervical.
      - Comes with electrode patch, not only for the neck but also for the back, waist, legs and other body parts for massage.

      Operation Notes:
      1- Long press the power button to switch ON and OFF, and short press to switch 6 massage modes; press "+" "-" to adjust the strength of 9 levels.
      2- Wipe the neck with a wet towel before use, and let the massager stick to the skin to avoid feeling a tingling sensation.
      3- First choose weak electric pulse, let the neck adapt to the pulse massage, and then gradually adjust to the intensity that suits you.

      Package included:
      1 x Neck Massager
      1 Pair x Electrode Pad
      1 x Electrode Wire
      1 x USB Cable(optional)