Product introduction:
1. This touchpad is a tool that makes your project interactive, responsive, smart, or fun. By converting the surface of the material into a sensor, you can use this touchpad to change the world around you. You can make a witch lamp on your wall, make a paper piano or create something that no one thought of.
2. Connect any conductive thing to one of the 12 electrodes of the touch version to control the sound of the MP3 module on the touchpad, design a MIDI note, or do anything you might do with or compatible devices.
3. The touchpad uses Atmel’s ATMega32U4 chip, making the motherboard easy to use, flexible and easy to access. Built-in USB hardware allows the touchpad to perform many different functions.
Touch and distance sensor
No programming required
Can be used with electronic paint
MP3 player / MIDI device
Micro SD card slot
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Lithium battery charging
Support HID
Product advantages:
Includes touch and distance sensors
No programming required, compatible
Can complete interesting touch projects
Product specifications:
Atmel ATMega32U4 chip
Freescale MPR121 dedicated touchpad
VLSI VS 1053B audio processor
Operating voltage: 5V, USB or 5V external battery
Lithium battery charging can be increased to 5v operating current
16 MHz clock frequency
Can be charged and programmed via USB
20 digital I/O pins
7 channel PWM
12 analog input channels
12 touch electrodes (8 can be configured as digital inputs or PWM outputs)
84mm x 62mm pins up to 10mm
Switchable to battery powered Package includes: 1 x Touch Conductive Ink Module

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