Size: OSZ in Woven Rabbit Fur (Due to the material used, it is advised to hang and airate your item once you receive delivery and to also allow adequate space in the wardrobe for long-term storage. Real fur apparel should never be stored in plastic. If you are travelling, please store your vest in a fabric bag to prevent item being damaged by other clothes in your luggage). 

Additional Information

The softness of the fur weave will amaze you as will the ecclectic mix of several hues of greys interspersed with whites. A naturally gorgeous piece that, if treated with care, will add a regal touch to any look. 


Shipping carrier is selected by the buyer towards the end of the purchase. Due to some items being larger or delicate, seller has either advised of a) local pick-up or b) outlined that local pick-up is the ONLY option for that particular item.


Damaged or Faulty Goods: A refund will be issued if goods are damaged within 7 business days (after seller has acknowledged receipt of returned items). In this instance, initial freight and the freight fee charged for the return will also be refunded. Refund Request for change of Mind: If a refund is accepted by the seller for change of mind, the amount refunded will be only for the item purchased (excluding the initial freight). Buyers will also be expected to pay for the return freight in this instance.