Can be used for WP-17 WP-18 WP-26 TIG Welding Torch.
Suitable for Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, UNT, Krypton, Longetivity, Berlan and so on .
This kit fits all WP-17/18/26 series air cooled welding torches.
Lincoln PTA-17 PTA-17V PTA-18 PTA-18V PTW-26 Tig Welding Torches, Miller Diamondback DB17 DB17V DB26 DB26V DB18 Tig Welding torches
Advantage for transparent shield cup:
1) It gives welders an extrodinary visibility and comfortable feeling during the welding job. It is especially designed to helps to weld precision and tiny job where it requires to see the location very clearly. For example: it is widely used along with our Fortuneweld brand precision cold welder PCW220.
2) It helps to make uniform gas flow for welding which can help welding quality to to high. Also, it can also help to save at least 30% gas comparing to common ceramic shield cup.
3) They are widely compatible with original common spare parts of TIG torch. In this case,
A) as to #10 transparent shield cup for torch WP9/20/25/24, you need to buy one extra O ring to complete the whole spare parts on the basis of original other spare parts.
B) as to #12 big or small transparent shield cup for torch WP17/26/18, you need to buy one extra O ring to complete the whole spare parts on the basis of original other spare parts.
4) You can save a lot of money by choosing our transparent shield cup. One one hand, you do not need to spend lots of money to buy other corresponding parts such as collet or collet body, etc. On another hand, it has longevity than other ceramic type shield cup because there is no too much touch with heat.
5) It is very easy to assemble. You just need to push the transparent shield cup and make it installed firmly and seamlessly.
Kind reminder:  
1) Please avoid to use all kinds of transparent shield cup where there are spatter during welding job.
2) Please do not knock on the transparent shield cup even if it can bear high temperature.
3) Pleas keep it in mind that all kinds of transparent shield cup needs to be used accordiing the welding range. For DC output welding,the maximum current is 170 A. For AC output welding,the maximum current is 90A.
Package included:  
1 x #12 Pyrex Glass Cup
1 x 17CB20G Collets Body Stubby Gas Lens
1 x 10N2xS Stubby Collet
6 x Temperature Resistant O-rings
1 x Gas Lens Insulator Detail Pictures:

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