T-9800 5.8GHz 220V/240V Microwave Motion Detector Radar Sensor Switch 5.8GHz For LED Light
1.Stable and long working hours, to adapt to a wide range of temperature and induction covering a large area.
2.Radar scan signal issued by the sensors can penetrate wooden doors, glass, and a thin wall (installation can be concealed for anti-theft searchlight).
3.Can achieve accurate delay lights people, people from the lights out. Widely used in recessed light fixtures and staircases, corridors, channel, patio, warehouse, bathroom, toilet, basement, parking should not only lighting but also saving places.
1.Model: T-9800
2.Working Voltage: 220V-240V AC / 50Hz
3.Microwave Frequency: 5.8Ghz
4.Load: 1000W (Incandescent Lamp), 500W (Fluorescent Lamp)
5.Standby power: About 0.9 W
6.Working Temperature: 20° ~ +65°C
7.Sensing Distance: 1~8m (Max according to fitting and surrounding) ( Can set By DIP Switch Setting)
8.Time Delay: 6 Sec ~ 30 minutes (max) ( Can set By DIP Switch Setting)
9.Photo sensing: 2Lux Min ( Can set By DIP Switch Setting) Max no Limit
10.Microwave Emission: < 10mW
11.Coverage: 360° (depends on fitting and surrounding)
12.Install: Indoor
1) Before any disassembly operation of the sensor lights, turn off the power supply operation by a professional electrician.
2) By the supply voltage of the installation and use of sensors must strictly follow the appropriate regulations and electricity requirements of national security lines.
3) The switch can not be all-metal shielding window of the sensor; You must ensure that the window of the sensor without metal body.
4) In case of some special circumstances or to use in a particular environment, so that the sensor set sensing distance slightly lower to runaway.
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1 x T-9800 Microwave Radar Sensor Switch Details pictures:  

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